City Name: Zhongshan

City Flower: chrysanthemum

Language: Mandarin/Cantonese


Location: Zhongshan is only 110 kilometers away from Guangzhou, 180 kilometers from Hong Kong, and 60 kilometers from Macao.

Territory: 1,800 square kilometers

Climate: Zhongshan's annual average temperature stands at 21.8 degrees centigrade, with average low in January at 13.3 degrees and average high in July at 28.4 degrees.


Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee: Xue Xiaofeng

Mayor: Chen Liangxian


GDP: 244.104 billion RMB(2012)

Year on Year Growth (%): 11.0%

Per Capita GDP: 77,527 RMB (2012)

Per Capita Disposable Income (Urban Resident): 31,130 RMB (2012)

Per Capita Income (Rural Resident): 19,347 RMB (2012)

Import & Export: 33.518 billion USD (2012)

Major Industries: Machinery, electronics & IT, textile and garments, chemical industry, metal goods, plastics, auto parts, new material, bio pharmacy, lighting.

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