City Name: Shaoguan

Language: Mandarin



Location: Shaoguan is located in northern Guangdong, adjacent to Jiangxi and Hunan Provinces.

Territory: 18,500 square kilometers

Climate: Cool and warm for most of the time, with long summer and short winter, pleasant weather with average annual rainfall of 1910mm and average temperature of 20.7 degrees Celsius. Each year there are about 310 days of frost-free period.


Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee: Zheng Zhentao

Mayor: Ai Xuefeng


GDP: 88.848 billion RMB (2012)

Year on Year Growth (%): 9.8%

Per Capita GDP: 31,100 RMB (2012)

Per Capita Income: 13,761 RMB (2012)

Import & Export: 2.033 billion USD (2012)

Major Industries: Pharmacy, toy, tobacco, metal, steel, machinery and power generation.

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