City Name: Huizhou

City Flower: azalea

Language: Mandarin/Cantonese


Location: Huizhou is 130 kilometers away from Guangzhou northwestward and only 70 kilometers from Hong Kong and Shenzhen southward.

Territory: 11,200 square kilometers

Climate: With abundant sunlight and plentiful rainfall, Huizhou has an annual average temperature at 21.6 degrees centigrade and annual average rainfall at 1,690 millimeter. The Tropic of Cancer runs right through the central part of Huizhou.


Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee: Chen Yiwei

Mayor: Mai Jiaomeng


GDP: 236.8 billion RMB (2012)

Year on Year Growth (%): 12.6%

Per Capita GDP: 50,884 RMB (2012)

Per Capita Disposable Income (Urban Resident): 29,965 RMB (2012)

Per Capita Income (Rural Resident): 12,415RMB (2012)

Import & Export: 49.5 billion USD (2012)

Major Industries: Petrochemical, electronics & IT, agriculture, auto parts, cement, garments and shoes making, tourism and port logistics

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