City Name: Heyuan

Language: Mandarin/Hakka dialect


Location: Heyuan is situated in the northeastern part of Guangdong Province and the mid-upper reaches of the Dongjiang River.

Territory: 15,800 square kilometers

Climate: Heyuan is in the transitional belt of southern Asian tropical climate and central Asian tropical climate. Temperature is high, sunshine is abundant and rainfall is rich.


Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee: He Zhongyou

Mayor: Peng Jianwen


GDP: 61.526 billion RMB (2012)

Year on Year Growth (%): 11.6%

Per Capita GDP: 20,536 RMB (2012)

Per Capita Disposable Income (Urban Resident): 16,520 RMB (2012)

Per Capita Income (Rural Resident): 7,772 RMB (2012)

Import & Export: 2.926 billion USD (2012)

Major Industries: New material, new energy, household electrical appliance, pharmacy, bio agriculture and tourism.

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