City Name: Chaozhou

Language: Mandarin/Chaoshan dialect


Location: East Guangdong, connecting Fujian

Territory: 3,613.9 square kilometers

Climate: Facing South China Sea, the Chaoshan region enjoys subtropical oceanic climate, with an annual average temperature of 21.3 degrees, 2000 to 3000 hours of sunlight and a rainfall of 1672.25 mm per year, which makes it a most comfortable living region. 


Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee: Xu Guang

Mayor: Li Qingxiong


GDP: 70.65 billion RMB (2012)

Year on Year Growth (%):10.6%

Per Capita GDP: 26,245 RMB (2012)

Per Capita Disposable Income (Urban Resident): 17,645 RMB (2012)

Per Capita Income (Rural Resident): 8,889 RMB (2012)

Import & Export: 4.23 billion USD (2012)

Major Industries: Ceramics, foods, garments, printings, electronics, plastics and stainless steel


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