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News Headline
[China]Local gov'ts set higher GDP targets than central gov't
[China]Overseas Chinese communities condemn Chen Shui-bian's new secessionist remarks
[world]ROK to officially protests over Abe's denial of WWII sex slavery
[Guangdong]Guangdong PetroChina considers a drop in oil prices
[Guangdong]Grandview Mall on Forbes "World's 10 Largest Shopping Malls"
[Pearl River Delta]HK economy grew 6.8% in 2006
Weekly Highlights
Commerce Minister, central bank governor hold press conference
NPC to speed up legislation on social issues in 2007
Sea phase of "Peace-07" exercises ends
President Hu urges officials to serve people better
NPC starts reading draft laws on property, corporate tax
China to reduce cost of economic growth, narrow yawning income gap

President Hu urges intensive training of armed forces

Students celebrate spring festival with german students over the Internet

[Guangzhou] Eight New Attractive Places of Liwan District Selected

Guangzhou-Foshan metro set up in the first half year

Stars on red carpet of 79th annual Academy Awards

NPC & CPPCC 2007
Top 10 GD News, 2006
Six-party Talks
Airshow China 2006
Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
Doha 2006 Torch Relay in Guangzhou
Play Golf in Guangdong
The 100th Canton Fair
70th anniversary of Long March
CPC Central Committee opens key plenum
Shinzo Abe Visits China
DPRK's nuclear test on Oct 9
Hot springs in Guangdong
Get into Tibet
Army coup in Thailand
The 3rd China International SME Fair
[Focus] Poor Student in New Term
The Return of Gotheborg
85th Birthday of CPC
Summer Holiday in Guangdong!
The 2nd ICIF & Guangdong Culture
Mideast Crisis
Iran Nuclear Crisis
Fighting Against Bird Flu
The 3rd PPRD Forum
GD Headline
The 99th Canton Fair
President Hu Visit Five Countries
GD Provincial People's Congress & CPPCC annual Sessions
Typhoon Chanchu lands in S. China
NPC & CPPCC Annual Sessions, 2006
Year of dog, spring festival in Guangdong
Top 10 GD News, 2005
GDICC 2005 Plenary (Nov 17-18)
60th Anniversary of Taiwan's Recovery
98th Canton Fair
60th War Anniversary
GD, Hawaii tighten ties
HK CE By-election
Chinese Solar Terms
Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport Guide
Chinese Export Commodities Fair
French Culture Year (Lyon week in GZ!)
PFP Chairman James Soong Visits Mainland
KMT Chairman Lien Chan Visits Mainland
The 97th Canton Fair
Guangdong Annual Review 2004
Relief Work goes on in Tsunamis-hit Area
GD's campaign against AIDS
Shenzhen Cultural Fair
Spring Festival 2005
Christmas 04 in Guangdong
96th Canton Fair
The 55th National Day
Olympic Games Athens 2004 concludes
Commemorating 100th
  Birth Anniversary of
  Deng Xiaoping
GD, HK Cooperation
Pan-PRD Coop. and
  Development Forum
China GD Culture Days
Guangdong's IPR Week
GZ embraces 2010 Asiad!
95th Canton Fair
Season of Festivals
GD Foods & Restaurant
Bird Flu
Preparing for Pan PRD
2003 Int'l Consultative
   Conference on the
   Future Economic
   Development of GD   
94th Canton Fair
Network Media Forum
   China 2003
Guangdong Today
Post-SARS Guangdong
Sino_US Relationship
Pearl River Hi-Tect Belt
Fa Lun Gong Banned
Guangdong and 16th
   CPC Congress
Foreign Press Agency
Better Environment,
  Better Guangdong
CPPCC annual session to be held on March 3
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World Bank gives cities high marks 2005-05-30
Steel sector to open up further 2004-12-23
High speed railways invite foreign bids for service 2004-12-17
More investment in telecoms sector urged 2004-12-16
China's cultural industry opens wider 2004-12-16
State enterprises welcome investors 2004-12-15
Nation opens agricultural market 2004-12-09
PPRD (Hengqin) Eco Zone project in gear 2004-12-02
GD, Macao new eco zone project discussed 2004-12-02
'Well-off Guangdong' Blueprint comes out! 2004-12-01
Zhaoqing continues attracting foreign investment 2004-12-01
Travel market opens ahead of schedule 2004-11-30
GD six advantages attracting foreign investment 2004-11-18
Guangdong Library invites public bids 2004-10-14
Better tax policy for firms run by returned students 2004-07-19
American manufacturing agents to shop in GZ 2004-06-25
Ask the lawyer 2004-06-04
China drafts long-anticipated QDII plan 2004-06-02
Foreigners buy State Bank's bad assets 2004-06-01
Higher Speed Noted in Opening SZ's Service Sector 2004-04-16
Railways seek foreign investment 2004-02-24
Foreign Construction Equipment Investment Increasing in China 2004-04-16
Proposed policy moves excite investors 2004-02-18
China opens up market of forestation, paper making 2004-02-17
Nansha port seeks overseas investors 2004-02-16
China brings chances for global auto manufacturers 2004-02-13
More investment options for insurers 2004-02-11
Film, TV production open to foreigners 2004-02-10
HK Mortgage Corporation to issue new retail bonds 2004-02-10
Untradable state-owned shares to be released 2004-02-06
China's auto demand to reach 20 mln in 2020 2004-01-25
Chinalco itching to invest abroad 2004-01-07
Guangdong to sell off islands 2003-12-10
Air China invites bids for Hong Kong IPO in 2004 2003-12-04
GD: 44 billion yuan to remediate Pearl River 2003-11-20
Foreign funds sought for garbage recycling 2003-11-17
Foreign Investors enthusiastic in investment in Mining 2003-10-30
US$18 b projects open to all 2003-09-25
29 Expressways Call for Bid 2003-09-01
How to pay corporate income tax during liquidation 2003-07-28
Guangzhou Development Zone in rapid growth 2003-07-21
China's first foreign-funded travel agency approved 2003-07-21
Land-auction in Zhuhai 2003-07-01
Qingyuan: a rising star in Guangdong industry 2003-06-30
Shanghai port seeks foreign investors 2003-07-14
6th Beijing Int'l Hi-tech Expo 2003-06-27
GD online investment Promotion fair 2003-06-26
Procurement fair returns 2003-06-19
State Promotion Days for foreign delegations 2003-06-20
GD online investment promotion fair 2003-06-17
New chance for overseas investors in tourism 2003-06-16
Car park will be a potential investment oppertunity 2003-06-13
Zhuhai South Software Park 2003-06-09
The 9th Joint International Computer Conference 2003-05-29
The 4th International SportingGoods Fair 2003-05-20
Taiwan ECS Sets Up Production Base in Shenzhen 2003-05-14
Sino-foreign Fund Management Venture Debuts 2003-05-14
Guangdong Province Attracts Overseas Investors 2003-05-14
Giant oil producer buys overseas field stake 2003-05-14
Domestic Medicine Retailers Face Foreign Threat 2003-05-14
Saudis Arabia to Join Investment Talks in Shenzhen 2003-05-14
Running an environmentally friendly business 2003-05-14
Investment plans for the new year 2003-05-14
Foreign boat makers eye mainland market 2003-05-14
Top compressors firm to make vehicle in China 2003-05-14
US$5b from Taiwan Invested in Guangzhou 2003-05-14
GD expects more overseas investors on bar street 2003-05-14
Sino-German JV engineering workshop completed 2003-05-14
CNOOC, Shell to finance S.China petro-chem project 2003-05-14
China to Further Open Aviation, Aerospace Industries 2003-05-14
GENERAL Electric opens factory in Shenzhen 2003-05-14
Infrastructure, utilities open to private investors 2003-05-14
Int'l hi-tech firms tapping Chinese market 2003-05-14
Vivendi Ends GD's Water Monopoly 2003-05-14
Taiwan investors spend more on GD 2003-05-14
Gvmt raise fund to help small firms 2003-05-14
90% Taiwan Investments in Guangdong gaining 2003-05-14
New policies to encourage infrastructure projects 2003-05-14
Health Products Move into Foreign Markets 2003-05-14
GZ Lures Foreign Investment in Intermediary Business 2003-05-14
More Chinese Demand Individual Financial Services 2003-05-14
More Chinese Demand Individual Financial Services 2003-05-14
China calls for more giant media groups 2003-05-14
Tips for China's banking industry 2003-05-14
China Insurance Regulatory Commission 2003-05-14
Localize Company Literature 2003-05-14
SEZ opens medical sector 2003-05-14
2002 Guangdong's Foreign Investment Directory 2003-05-14
High-tech enterprises encouraged to expand 2003-05-14
4.5b yuan for power grid expansion 2003-05-14
Overseas-funded Firms Lift up Trade in Guangdong 2003-05-14
Bringing opportunities to small companies 2003-05-14
An ambition to create best production facility in China 2003-05-14
Full Text of Finance Minister's Budget Report (1) 2003-05-14
Full Text of Finance Minister's Budget Report (2) 2003-05-14
Full Text of Report on Development Plan (1) 2003-05-14
Full Text of Report on Development Plan (2) 2003-05-14
Full Text of Report on Development Plan (3) 2003-05-14
Ride together for a better tomorrow 2003-05-14
Money Speaks 2003-05-14
Guangzhou Wanbao Group Corporation, Ltd. (ISO9001) 2003-05-14
Land of Opportunities 2003-05-13
Guangdong Overseas Chinese Farms Invite Big Investment 2003-05-10
Overseas banks in Shenzhen report rising profits 2003-05-10
IBM Eyes China 2003-05-10
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