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Sat, Jul 04, 2020
Chinese shares plunge more than 5% on Thursday
Chinese share prices plunged 5.25 percent on Thursday, the biggest drop since June 4's slide of 8 percent, with investors baleful eyeing the Chinese government's determination to mop up excess liquidity.
Market plunges on fear of tax reduction in China
Speculation that the government will reduce or remove the tax on interest income Monday caused the stock market to plummet 3.68 percent.
China's inflation rate hits 27-month high in May
Chinese shares shake off jitters on June 5
Chinese shares plunge again, down 15% in a week
Stocks tumble as panic spreads
Most stocks avoid suspension today
Stocks come back after 'breath-taking' plunge, 05/31
Stock tumble won't affect Chinese macro-economy
Trading tax hike triggers mixed response
Stamp tax raised on securities to cool stock market
New rules for trading equities in state firms
China allows overseas stock exchanges to establish offices
Central bank raises rates, reserve ratio
Inflation a likely trigger for rate rise
CPI eases, pressure for interest rates hike remains
China's CPI rises three percent in April
Commercial banks able to invest in foreign stocks
Chinese shares shake off jitters on June 5
Shanghai Composite Index drop below 3500
Stocks tumble as panic spreads
Stocks come back after 'breath-taking' plunge, 05/31
Stock market dives 6.5% after tax hike
Stocks plummet after stamp tax hike
Stocks reach new high after deep slide
Stock tumble won't affect Chinese macro-economy
Traders be warned: Analyst
Stock hero concerned about housing prices
Chinese govt won't exert direct influence on stock market, expert
Stocks heading for full-scale mania: CLSA
Stock market gathering risks: banker
Central bank governor concerned about stock bubbles
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