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What is the most impressive thing of Guangdong in European photographers' eyes?

2015-October-23       Source: Newsgd.com

What is the most impressive thing of Guangdong in European photographers' eyes? Delicious Cantonese foods? Magnificent architectures? Unique culture or beauties in Guangdong?

In Milan Expo,the photographers who visited Guangdong told their impression about this province.

Massimo Colato

I am a journalism photographer, I’ve been in Guangdong in May. This is one of the pictures I took in the coastal line tour. I was very impressed for the modernity and tradition in the same time that we found in Guangdong. This is one of the sea. I took it on the top of the building. It is very nice because of the sea and the land are at the particular position now.


Journalist:Which scenic spot in Guangdong will you recommend to your friend?


Shenzhen. Why? Because it is very modern. The architecture there is very beautiful. We took (pictures) at Shenzhen fashion week, we saw the fashion of Guangdong. It is very beautiful. I am an Italian man, and Italy is the country of fashion. I found very high level fashion also in Guangdong. I am very happy for this compliment from Guangdong.

深圳。 深圳市一个非常现代化的城市,建筑非常漂亮。我们参观深圳时装周,我看到深圳的时装秀非常漂亮。我们是意大利人,意大利是时尚之都,而我发现广东的时尚已经到达了很高的水平,这让我很高兴。

Alessandra Combatti

I am Alessandra Combatti, and I am from Italian. I went to Guangdong in May this year. I took the picture as you can see. One night, during the dinner on the river, we had the possibility to see how is beautiful the city is at the night with the color of the lights. In my picture, there is the Guangzhou tower. It is one of the monuments that impressed me. I like it very much. In Italy we don’t have the architectural building like this. I like your province and all kinds of architecture. It is very fantastic. I am very happy to have the opportunities to visit Guangdong and hope to come back soon.

我叫亚历山大,是意大利人。我在今年五月份去了广东。 为什么拍这幅照片呢?一个傍晚,我们在河中看到了广州市美丽的夜景,灯光真是非常漂亮。我的照片拍摄的是广州塔。这个广州的地标令我觉得非常震撼,好喜欢。在意大利我从来没看过这样的建筑。我觉得在广东见到的建筑都非常了不起,我都好喜欢。我真高兴能有机会去到广东。我真希望我能有机会再次去广东游玩。

Editor: Steven

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