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2010-February-5 Source: www.lifeofguangzhou.com
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There's a small street lying between HuaLin International Jade Trade Center and Guangzhou No.31 Middle School.

With a traditional Chinese memorial arch entrance, the street is full of stalls and booths standing next to each other, selling a wide range of ancient antiques and handicrafts. Here you may find treasures of exquisite workmanship such as: bronze wares, Chinese jades, ceramics, wood carvings, traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy and red porcelain teapots.

This street is called Yuansheng Xijie Street, an ideal bazaar for ancient antiques.

Yuansheng Jie Street, famous for its porcelains and jades, is encircled by four pathways, namely, Kangwang Lu, Changshou Xi Lu, Wenchang Bei Lu and Longjin Zhong Lu. It rises from Yuansheng Xijie Street.

The hundred-year old business path is like a large magnetic field, attracting experts and merchants from home and overseas to seek for treasures.

Yuansheng Xijie Street has a time-honored history regardless of its unattractive appearance. According to records, Yuansheng Xijjie Street and other nearby streets like Daihe Lu Road (now Kangwang lu) and Changshou Lu have been the processing and distributing centers for jades since the Qing Dynasty.

According to the "Guangzhou Local Chronicles", both land and water transportation had been developing rapidly in Guangzhou since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Frequent business communication and great convenience in transportation gave a boost to the Jade carving industry in Guangzhou, appealing to elite craftsmen from across the country.

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