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2009-September-7 Source: Newsgd.com
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When the flight arrived at the boarding bridge, Passengers can pick up their checked baggage at the Baggage Pick-up Hall of the first floor after getting off. Meanwhile, they should transact the procedures below according to the regulations of International Emigration & Immigration:

Health Declaration

Passengers arriving in Shenzhen by international flights should abide by relevant Chinese lnspection and Quarantine laws and regulations, before going onto immigration inspection.

Passengers should fill in the Quarantine Declaration Form on Entry accurately, and those coming from areas infected by Yellow Fever must present a valid vaccination certificate to the inspection and quarantine authorities.


Foreign citizens must possess valid passports and visas for entering China. Chinese citizens should possess valid passports. On arrival, passengers should present their valid passports, visas or other valid certificates along with the filled-in entry cards to the immigration check post for inspection.

Baggage Pick-up

Baggage Dial Scream was installed at the entrance. Passengers can inquire the Dial Number of their checked baggage according to the flight number after Frontier Defence Checking.


Passengers with a lot of baggage could choose the Free Baggage Handcart. To prevent false claims or claim mistakes, there are airport staffs at the exits checking baggage tags or tickets. The cooperation of passengers will be appreciated.

Leaving the airport

With baggage claimed passengers will be in the arrival hall to meet with their awaiting friends, or inquire about hotel information by the reception/information counters of hotels. Afterwards passengers could leave the airport by taking special line bus or taxi.

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