[Shenzhen International Airport] Domestic departure
2009-September-7 Source: Newsgd.com
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Valid certificates

The valid certificates for passengers fall into four categories: ID card, military certificates, certificates of passport type and other valid certificates.


Passengers should go to the packing location (the No. 2 door of Terminal A and No.6 door of Terminal B) to pack their baggage piece by piece if they have taken any baggage which is over 20X40X55 cm in size or 5 kg in weight.


Passengers can go through big baggage consignment, seat arrangement and other procedures with their valid tickets and valid ID certificates at the check-in counter.


1. To pass the safety inspection smoothly, passengers should not bind two or more baggage together.

2. Passengers are not allowed to take baggage for other passengers according to the State Aviation Security Regulation,

3. To ensure catching the flight it is recommended to arrive at the depot terminal 2 to 3 hours ahead of take-off time.

Security Check

Passengers should have their boarding cards, flight tickets, Valid certificates ready before the security check. To ensure flight safety passengers are required to pass through metal-detecting doors, and their hand-baggage is subject to x-ray inspections.

Waiting and boarding

According to the distributing-map of boarding bridge on the boarding plate, passengers can seek their boarding bridge according to the direction. Boarding starts generally 30 minutes ahead of flight take-off, and will be announced in public addressing. 


1. The closing time of boarding is 10 minutes before departure time of the flight; passengers should arrive at the appointed boarding bridge on time.

2. For efficiency of boarding, it is necessary for passengers to queue according to their seat No. and hand the boarding plate to inspector to examine so that they will find their seat on plane smoothly.

3. Independent smoking area, mother-and-baby room, resting areas for first-class cabin and official cabinet have been set up in the terminal.

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