A spiritual journey of ancient villages in Guangdong
2012-September-11 Source: Newsgd.com
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Xiaozhou Village [Guangzhou City]

River, bridges, trees, tiles, lanes, ancestral halls etc., Xiaozhou Village is just like a typical Lingnan style ink painting, attracting many photographers and painters. This ancient village, which was built over 370 years ago, is a perfect weekend getaway to enjoy a peaceful mind.

Dwellings randomly scattered along the river, with large old trees, bridges and ancient wells nearby, which could make visitors feel peaceful and relax as soon as they enter Xiaozhou Village. Except ancestral halls, temples, ancient lanes in every ancient village, the most special architecture here is oyster shell house. This kind of houses was built by oyster shells and yellow mud, keeping the inside warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There are only three oyster shells houses remained, all of which have a history of hundreds of years.

In recent years, Xiaozhou Village's rise to fame is mainly because numerous artists flock into the place. When you ramble in Xiaozhou village, art studios are everywhere engaging in painting, music, sculpture, ceramic, photography and poetry etc. Thanks to the artists, café, handicrafts shops and other romantic decorated restaurants are visible all over, too. In Xiaozhou Village, the traditional culture, the natural ecological environment and the artistic spirit joined to create an interesting community and a romantic place in Guangzhou.

Transport: Take bus 252, 468, 507, 565, 35, 45, 86, 310, Guangzhou City.

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