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Tengchong, Yunnan

Villagers make ciba, a local snack made with rice, in Heshun ancient village, Tengchong.

Tengchong County, a vital link on the ancient southwestern Silk Road, is in western Yunnan Province and borders Myanmar on its northwest side. Tengchong's diverse ethnicities include Hans, Dais, Lisus, Huis, Was and others.

Tengchong is one of the earliest developed regions and its history can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 25).

The county abounds in geothermal energy. There are more than 80 steaming hot springs, with piping-hot natural water so prevalent that the county is said to be a geothermal museum.

Tengchong County also is noted for its rich tourism resources and offers national-level scenic resorts. Worth mentioning among the historical relics and scenic spots are clustered volcanoes, clustered hot springs, the Relic of Neolithic Culture, Laifeng Monastery, the philosopher Ai Siqi's former residence, the Heshun Library, Dieshuihe Waterfall and Taijiqiao Bridge, Wengchanggong Taoist Temple and Shuiyingsi Temple.

Famous local products include jade ornaments and jewelry, Chinese medicine, "xuanzhi" paper — used for calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting, small hats of split bamboo, and rattan works.

Transport: Fly to Kunming from Shenzhen International Airport and take a flight or long-distance bus to Tengchong.

Delicacies: Dried rice noodles, tea oil, bamboo shoots, bean powder, rice fruit, pickled vegetables, fresh vegetables, ginkgo.

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