Discover Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway
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Discover Zhongshan:

Zhongshan is famous for being the hometown of Doctor Sun Yet-sen - the Father of Modern China. There are all together 8 stations in the city with Cuiheng Station still under construction. The new Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway will allow people in the PRD to discover numerous tourist attractions (Shiqi’s rural market, the former residence of Dr. Sun Yet-sen in Cuiheng), and local delicacies (Nantou salted meats, Xiaolan chrysanthemum, Dongsheng crispy grass carp, Nanlang seafood.)

Nantou Station - The Main Gate of Zhongshan

Scenic spots: Huangpu Special Salted Meat Street where you can buy all kinds of the local salted meats; the Gratitude Temple, which was built between 1796 and 1820 in the Qing Dynasty.

Local Bus: shuttle bus from Nantou Station to Nanshui Industrial District, No. 80, 210 to Huangpu


Xiaolan Station - Appreciate Chrysanthemum

Xiaolan has long been known as the "Town of Chrysanthemum". Every year, a chrysanthemum show is held here in November. The show features about 10,000 pots of chrysanthemum in full bloom, together with many other celebrations such as folk art performances and dragon and lion dances.The "Chrysanthemum banquet" also attracts a great number of locals. It features various dishes all prepared with chrysanthemum such as chrysanthemum fish-balls, chrysanthemum fish slices, etc.

Local Bus: there are 10 shuttle bus lines running from the station to Xiaolan, they are No. 3, 5, 6, 9, 18, 22, 25, 26, 29, 30.


Dongsheng Station - Home of Crispy Grass Carp

Dongsheng has a long standing reputation for its crispy grass carp. The fish, with its unique crispy taste is famous throughout the Pearl River Delta. Many stalls in Dongsheng sell the fish at around 40 RMB/kg.

Local Bus: no shuttle bus is currently available.


Zhongshan North Station - Enjoy the Excitement of a Rural Market

This station is the nearest to the urban area with 10 bus lines linking the station to the city. It is a perfect place to start a tour of Zhongshan.What for expectation: visit the 100-year old rural market at Shagang Market.

Local Bus: No. 004 to Shagang Market,No. 021 to the local restaurant "Shiqi Lao". In total, there are 10 bus lines connecting the station to the city.


Zhongshan Station - City's Largest Bus StationCuiheng Bus Station -not open to public right now

Scenic spots accessible from the station: Coastal Spring Resort in Nanlang Town, Sun Yet-sen Tourist District (to be completed in 3 years time)

Bus: Shuttle buses are available.


Nanlang Station: Discover Local Seafood

This station is nearest to the sea with a well-known seafood village - Yakou Village, located outside the station. Here, the seafood is fresh and relatively cheap.

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