[Shaoguan] Yunmen Temple
2010-January-15 Source: Newsgd.com
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Located at the foot of Ciyun Peak, 6km north of Ruyuan county seat, Yunmen Temple, also called Yunmen Mountain Dajue Buddha Temple, is built in 923 by Wenyan Buddhist monk, who is liuzu Huineng's ninth generation disciple (Liuzu Huineng was the primogenitor of Yunmen sect). It is the cradle of Yunmen sect, which is one of the five sects of China's Buddha zens. It also is one of China's key monasteries.

Covering an area of 12,000 square meters, the whole building of the temple is magnific, refined and quiet, with a special style. The temple has attracted many pilgrims. Except for the free captive animals' pool, all the 180 or so buildings of the temple are connected as an organic whole. Yunmen Temple has reserved a passel of country's key historical relics such as an inscription which has a 1,000 year's history.

In front of the Yunmen Temple there is Kwan-yin Mountain, while in the back are landscapes like Guihua pond Cibei Peak Bell and Drum Town.


Yunmen Temple is 5 km away from Ruyuan bus station. Tourist can take microbus toward Guitou direction from the station, which takes about 6 minutes and 4yuan/ person.

Or you can motorbike with tent outside the station or take the microbus in the opposite of the station, which will take you 2yuan/ person, but you have to walk 7 or 8 minutes after you take off the bus or motorbike to reach the gate of the temple.

Price : 5 Yuan/ person

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