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Food in Wuhan

Wuhan special, Hot Dry Noodles

Hot Dry Noodles is a traditional snack in Wuhan with a long history of 80 years.

Hot Dry Noodles

Wuchang fish

Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes

The three steamed dishes refer to steamed fish, pork, and meat or shrimp balls.


Jingwu Duck Neck

One of the most famous shops selling duck neck is Jingwu Duck Neck (jīng wǔ yā bó .Today the stores pop up all around China. It uses the secret recipe handed down from generation to generation and the modern technique to make it special with lingering aftertaste. Visitors can go to Jingwu Road in Wuhan to buy duck neck.

Hongshan Caitai

Another delicacy recommended to visitors is Hongshan Caitai. It is a kind of vegetable which looks like oil seed rape but its color is purple. As early as the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220), it has been a very common vegetable for common people. For centuries, it is the tribute in Hubei Province to the emperors, which enjoyed the equal fame with Wuchang Fish. Due to its well-balanced nutrition and is perfect in color, aroma, shape and taste, it is the necessary sumptuous food for Chinese New Year consumption. Many restaurants and hotels in Wuhan offers this dish made in various ways.

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