The Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace
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The Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace is a large archaeological site museum based on the Palace of the Nanyue Kingdom, it was fully opened in May 2014. The Palace of the Nanyue Kingdom is located in the center of the inner city of Guangzhou. It was not only the seat of the Palace of the Nanyue Kingdom of the Western Han Era and the Palace of the Nanhan Kingdom of the Five- Dynasties Era, but also the seat of various government offices following the annexation of the Lingnan region by the Qing Empire. It testifies to the fact that Guangzhou has all along been the political, economic and cultural center of the Lingnan region.

In the excavated area that have been discovered, among other things, the remains of the palaces of the Nanyue Kingdom and Nanhan Kingdom as well as the royal gardens. The cultural strata in the remains, starting upwards from the Qin through the Western Han, the Eastern Han, the Western Jin, the Eastern Jin, the Southern, the Tang, the Song, the Yuan, the Ming and the Qing Dynasties up to the Republic of China, store important relics of some 13 eras.

The royal garden consists of a large stone pond and a crooked stone brook which meanders around sharp bends, past a crescent-shaped pond, down slopes and through a water gate. It is relatively well preserved and is the oldest Qin-Han royal garden discovered so far in China.

The Palace of the Nanyue Kingdom represents the best of Guangzhou's cultural heritage. It has twice been included in the 10 major new archaeological discoveries of the year. Besides it was put on the list of Major Historical and Cultural Monuments under State Protection by the State Council in 1996 and was made a candidate for World Cultural Heritage List in 2006.


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