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BKRK: leverage for inspiration and creative entrepreneurship

2018-January-17       Source: Newsgd.com

If there one place in Limburg where the past,the future and the present meet,it has to be Bokrijk.

If there one place in Limburg where the past,the future and the present meet,it has to be Bokrijk. The Bokrijk Open Air Museum is world-renowned. Themes are chosen based on the Open Air Museum's collection, but the creation and execution of (traditional) craftsmanship are always the main focus.

Limburg's Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Igor Philtjens: “Traditional craftsmanship and workmanship are part of our heritage. And it is best that we preserve this heritage for the 21st-century visitor by infusing it with a new, contemporary interpretation. This way history becomes fascinating, even to today's visitor. That is why we launched the BKRK or the Bokrijk Brands (Bokrijk Brandmerkt in Dutch) Project. Our aim is clear: to produce contemporary, handmade products of the highest quality using the arts and skills of traditional craftsmanship. And to tell the story of this history to the visitor.”

Various BKRK products, such as the leather O-binder from Margot Declerck, made of remnants, and the wooden paring knife holder by Steven Gauwberg, can still be purchased. In addition to that, an expertise and service centre for the Limburg crafts economy is being developed in the Bokrijk Castle. Limburg is bursting with creative and technical talent, and in this centre, this talent can be further refined and strengthened, and its stewards directed and coached to take steps toward entrepreneurship. The craftsman of old becomes the creative and innovative entrepreneur of tomorrow.

With these products made in Limburg, the province is clearly investing in a growing trend in which consumers search out authentic products,products with a story and exceptional qualities and products that distinguish themselves from mass produced goods by exuding the craftsmanship

of their makers. In this way, BKRK provides double economic added value.

The creative economy in Limburg gains an even more prominent place on the map. But these ‘made-in-Limburg products’ can also provide a boost to the tourism experience. Hand-made products from Limburg can help keep the Limburg holiday feeling alive a bit longer, acting as a signboard for the Limburg leisure-time economy. Our creatively talented Limburgers are certainly ready to tackle this ambition.

Source: Limburg.be

Editor: Steven

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