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Reference: Comments on Lady Xian Given by Historical Figures

2016-June-25       Source: Newsgd.com

Reference: Comments on Lady Xian Given by Historical Figures

▶▶▶ She had both insight and foresight. --Wei Zheng, politician, litterateur and historian in the Tang dynasty (618-907)

▶▶▶ She successfully handled difficult situations throughout three dynasties with the same good heart, never influenced by the outside world. – Su Shi, renowned litterateur, calligrapher and painter in the Song dynasty (960-1279)

▶▶▶ Lady Xian grew up in a place where many ethnic groups gathered and lived. She dedicated her life to an era of wars with the same loyalty. Without Lady Xian, Gaoliang prefecture would not belong to China in the Chen dynasty (557-589) and the Sui dynasty (581-618). Without Lady Xian, the old tradition of barefoot and a special type of topknot in Gaoliang prefecture would still be kept.—Cao Zhiyu, magistrate of Gaozhou in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)

▶▶▶ Who say there is no woman in the army?—Li Dongyang, cabinet prime minister and representative of the Chaling Poetry School in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)

▶▶▶ Lady Xian had made great contribution to the country and the nation. —Wang Bin, officer in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)

▶▶▶ The way she led armies is like the way General Wei Qing and General Huo Qubing did. – Wu Guolun, officer and renowned litterateur in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)

▶▶▶ A woman whose contribution and achievement approximates that of King Huan (-643 BC) of the state of Qi and King Wen (671 BC/697 BC-628 BC) of the state of Jin – Qu Dajun, scholar and poet in the Qing dynasty (1636-1912)

▶▶▶ Lady Xian was recommended and praised through three dynasties. Ethnic groups relied on her. – Yang Jinting in the Qing dynasty (1636-1912)

▶▶▶ She had maintained the stability in Lingnan area throughout her life. --Dai Xilun, magistrate of Gaozhou in the Qing dynasty (1636-1912)

▶▶▶ Who can be compared with Lady Xian? Nobody can be compared with Lady Xian! – Tang Jingzhao, successful candidate in the highest imperial examination and officer in the Qing dynasty (1636-1912)

▶▶▶ The first heroine of China. – Zhou Enlai, former Chinese Premier and former Minister of Foreign Affairs

▶▶▶ Lady Xian had contributed a lot to national unity and stability during her life. The most memorable is the effort she had made to reunite Hainan Island, which had been separated from Mainland China for nearly six hundred years, to the same regime of the latter. –Tan Qixiang, historical geographer

▶▶▶ Lady Xian was a female general in ancient China and a great model of patriotism. Her greatest achievement is suppressing rebellions and punishing traitors. She had spent her life contributing to the great cause of safeguarding the country’s territorial integrity and strengthening national unity with unwavering loyalty. – Liu Tianfu, former governor of Guangdong province

▶▶▶ Lady Xian was the first woman that made great contributions to the country; She was the first woman that established an office as commanding officer and set up her own army; She was the first woman that worked as an envoy for the emperor to announce a decree; She was the first woman that enjoyed the honor paid by hundreds of thousands of people. – Xian Yuqing, the first female polymath in Lingnan area.

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