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Collect your cash prize for translations of “唯用一好心”

2016-December-27       Source: Newsgd.com

After the solicitation, evaluation, online poll, expert evaluation and review, now the prizes are ready to be given out.

Again we would love to thank all of you for your active participation and great support for the global solicitation for the English translation of “唯用一好心”. This event is organized by Information Office of the People’s Government of Maoming City and Newsgd.com, supported by Maoming Saintly Mother of Lingnan Culture Industry Co., Ltd.


After the solicitation, evaluation, online poll, expert evaluation and review, now the prizes are ready to be given out.


First Prize (RMB 30,000)

From goodwill, with good deeds, for goodness

刘冰 广东珠海 184XXXX0950

Second Prize (RMB 5000 per person)

Be loyal to the country, be true to yourself

何斯莹 广东东莞 139XXXX3205

Be only true-hearted, whole-hearted, and kind-hearted

陈艳芳 湖北咸宁 159XXXX0458

Third Prize (RMB 2000 per person)

Only a loyal heart makes great work last

曹乃凡 吉林长春 188XXXX4001

May loyalty and devotion ever last

谢湘 广东广州 135XXXX2393

Only with a heart of all sincerity and fidelity

迟春好 辽宁沈阳 183XXXX5835

Excellent Awards (RMB 1000 per person)

Loyalty and goodness is always in my service

彭峰 北京海淀区 132XXXX8257

All out of loyalty to the country and love for the people

易军 湖北十堰 153XXXX8272

With loyalty and devoutness, for the sake of stability and benevolence

蔡鹏 广东广州 159XXXX3205

Serve with nothing but a devoted heart

汪秋晗 上海静安区 182XXXX5923

Note: All the awards abovementioned are before tax and the relevant taxes should be covered personally by award winners.


How to collect your prizes 领奖注意事项

1.All prize winners should verify your own personal info by using the email that you used to submit your translation to send the following info to Newsgd.com, including your name, phone number, address, email address, translation, concept in both Chinese and English. If the name you submitted isn’t your real name, you should provide both the name you submitted and your real name at the same time.


2. All prize winners should provide detailed bank information to receive the cash reward, including account name, bank name, bank account number, and bank address. Please make sure the bank account is valid.


3. All prize winners should provide a copy of personal identity card for filing tax returns. Send the JPG photo of the ID Card through email attachment. The prize will only be sent out when the prize winners confirm the info correctly and the account name should be in accordance with the prize winner’s name as well as the name on ID Card.


4. All prize winners should send the abovementioned info to ladyxian_newsgd@qq.com and ladyxian_newsgd@163.com, and make sure that the information is valid and correct. If the cash prize fails to be transferred because of false info provided by prize winners, prize winners should take the responsibility themselves.


5. All the awards abovementioned are before tax and the relevant taxes should be covered personally by award winners. Newsgd.com will help the prize-winners to file the tax returns. We will send the details of the tax to prize-winners through email.


6. Newsgd.com won’t charge any fee from the prize winners, so do not fall for any tricks that ask for fee from you. All the personal info will only be used in giving out the cash prize and filing tax returns, and will be well protected.


7. The deadline for claiming prize and sending out the cash prize is February 28, 2017. After receiving the prize, all prize winners should download the confirmation sheet which will be sent through email, sign it, take a photo and send it back to ladyxian_newsgd@qq.com to conclude the process of prize claiming.


8. Newsgd.com reserves the right of final interpretation of the abovementioned arrangements. If there is any question, please contact us through email ladyxian_newsgd@qq.com.


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