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2016-August-9       Source: Newsgd.com

Thank you again for your active participation and great support for the global solicitation for the English translation of “唯用一好心”.

Their awards:

One First Prize Winner: RMB 30,000;

Two Second Prize Winners: RMB 5000 per person;

Three Third Prize Winners: RMB 2000 per person;

Four Excellence Award Winners: RMB 1000 per person.

Note: All the awards abovementioned are before tax and the relevant taxes should be covered personally by award winners.







Our Requirements:

① All the submitted translation works should be originated by the applicants. The submitted works should be healthy and positive and be in compliance with the laws, regulations and social customs of the People’s Republic of China.

② The translation work should express correctly the meaning of the original text-- “唯用一好心”. It should be clear and idiomatic, smooth and fluent, concise and to the point and free of grammatical error.

③ The translation work should highlight the characteristics of the spirit of Lady Xian and the features of the culture of Lady Xian. It should also be catering to the world so that people from different countries and regions and of various cultural backgrounds can understand and accept it.

④ The translation work should be no more than 20 English words (including 20). It should be concise and lucid, catchy and easy to remember, as well as attracting and appealing.

⑤ All the applicants should attach a Chinese-English explanation (about 300 characters in Chinese and 200 words in English) to illustrate the idea and the meaning of the translation work.


① 所有参与征集的英文翻译要求为参与者原创,英文表达健康向上,符合国家法律法规要求;

② 准确无误地表达原文“唯用一好心”的意思,译文要文从字顺,简明扼要,语意明确,行文通达,符合现代英语的表述习惯,没有语病;

③ 突出冼夫人精神的特征和冼夫人文化的特点,使不同国家和地区、不同背景的人都能接受;

④ 译文限制在20个单词以内,要求简洁明快,便于记忆,琅琅上口,富有感染力和号召力;

⑤ 每位投稿人必须附上约300字中文以及200英文单词对照的翻译理念说明。

The global solicitation for the English translation of “唯用一好心” is co-organized by Newsgd.com (English version of Southcn.com) and the Information Office of the People’s Government of Maoming City. It is strongly supported by Maoming Saintly Mother of Lingnan Culture Industry Co. Ltd.


(By Monica, Chan)

Editor: Monica Liu

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