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Answers and solutions to the attentions and questions of foreign investors

2014-June-18       Source: Newsgd.com

This section is some questions frequently raised by foreign investors. We listed here to convenient for potential investors. If you want to get detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
2. What kind of production and operational activities in which those companies with foreign investments from foreign countries or regions are engaged within the territory of China should go through commercial and industrial registrations?

After examined and approved by relevant departments, companies with foreign investments from foreign countries or regions participating in the following production and operation activities should apply and register commercial and industrial registrations:

(1) Exploratory developments of oil or other mineral resources on the land and in the ocean;

(2) Contract constructions in housing, civil engineering construction, decoration or circuitry, pipeline, equipment installation and the like;

(3) Contracting for or being entrusted with the management of foreign invested companies;

(4) Foreign financial institutions setting up branch organizations in China;

(5) Foreign insurance companies setting up branch organizations in China;

(6) Other production and operational activities that are permitted by the country.

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Editor: 王凯

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