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Answers and solutions to the attentions and questions of foreign investors

2014-June-18       Source: Newsgd.com

This section is some questions frequently raised by foreign investors. We listed here to convenient for potential investors. If you want to get detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. What are the procedures of application and approval on establishment of foreign invested enterprises?

(1) The above describes general procedures to apply for foreign invested enterprise.

(2) Foreign invested enterprise with a total amount of less than USD 100 million, and listed in c (not including infrastructure and mining) can directly submit feasibility study report, contract and articles of association to municipal authority in charge of foreign trade and economic cooperation.

(3)Except the projects that shall be approved by relevant departments of the State Council according to Government-Approved Investment Project Catalogue, the foreign-invested projects with the total investment (including the increased investment) between one hundred million and three hundred million USD and following into the classification of encouraged & allowed foreign-invested projects shall be, after registered to the Provincial Development & Reform Commission, approved by the provincial development & reform commission and their contracts and articles of association shall be approved by the provincial commerce department.

(4) For those projects that are beyond approval limit of our province, or under direct control of central government, Provincial Development and Reform Committee, Economic and Trade Committee, or Provincial Commerce Department should submit them to organizations authorized by State Council for approval.

(5) Investors are requested to apply to the respective administrative committee if their projects are to be established in the state-grade development zones, taxprotected zones and export processing zones.

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