10-Day Tour Experience Shared in Shenzhen
2015-May-20 Source: Newsgd.com
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Photographers in Qianhai Free Trade Zone, Shenzhan [Photo by Xiaowen/Newsgd]

The European photographers visited the Tencent building in Nanshan District as well as the Qianhai and Shekou free trade zones in Shenzhen.

Before the Shenzhen trip, 12 photographers were assigned into four tours namely, economic and city construction tour, humanity tour, scenery tour, and coastal tour.

Udo Lauer [Photo by Xiaowen/Newsgd]

German photographer Udo Lauer saw things from a more historical perspective. “It took Marco Polo years to travel to China and return to Europe with noodles and silk, but it takes only 24 hours for us to come to China now,” said Lauer at a farewell lunch yesterday. “And this time, we will take more experiences to our home.”

Alessandra Combatti [Photo by Xiaowen/Newsgd]

“Even the weather was not always mild, but nothing can keep us from discovering Guangdong”, said by Alessandra Combatti, the photographer from Italy.

“You have a vast area of land and no wars, which is very good for the people living in here because in some other places, countries fight against each other for land,” said Lauer when visiting the Qianhai area that covers an area of 15 square kilometers.

“Their clothes got soaked many times in one day because of the hot weather but no one complained about the hard work,” said a director Lili Zhang from Guangdong Provincial Tourism Administration. “We appreciate these photographers’ diligent work throughout the journey and we sincerely hope they visit Guangdong again,” said Zhang.

Udo said that he has decided to set up a photo exhibition in the province’s free trade zone in October. “The pictures to be displayed will be the photos I took in Berlin and Guangdong, the areas that I would like to show people,” said Lauer. He said that he was impressed with the hospitality he received. “I was taking pictures at a service station on a highway and a few dressed-up people invited me to a restaurant where they were celebrating their grandma’s birthday,” said Lauer. “I then ended up eating and drinking with a bunch of people that I had never met.”

Maria Dost [Photo by Xiaowen/Newsgd]

Maria Dost, a freelance photographer from Berlin, the experience in Guangdong has left her curious to find out more about China. “For me, camera is my language, but I don’t like to explain my photos because everyone will have his or her own comprehension of the people in the pictures,” said Dost, who mostly takes portraits.

Editor: 范晓雯
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