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DIY a Daojiao zongzi

2016-May-26       Source: Newsgd.com

What's the difference between Daojiao zongzi and other zongzis? Learn about this specialty and get its easy recipe!

Zongzi is a special food for Dragon Boat Festival. People eat zongzi to commemorate Qu Yuan.[Story of Qu Yuan and zongzi] Though Chinese people share the tradition of eating zongzi, the makings of zongzi are different from province to procince, city and city.


In Daojiao, a water town in South China famous for its zongzi, the specialty has a salty-sweet mixed taste and is popular in the region. How to create the mixed taste of zongzi? Follow the steps below then you can learn to DIY a Daojiao zongzi and a try. 



The ingredients of Daojiao zongzi include:  

Sticky rice (70%)

Streaky pork (30%)

Mung beans (appropriate)

Salted egg yolk (one for each)





Besides the ingredients, the seasoning also decides the taste of a Daojiao zongzi. To make a Daojiao zongzi, one will need:

Light soy sauce (appropriate)

Dark soy sauce (appropriate)

Sugar (appropriate)

White wine (appropriate)

Salt (appropriate)

Rice dumplings leaves (appropriate)




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Editor: Olivia

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