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Have you try a 3D printed cake?

2016-May-26       Source: Newsgd.com

Maybe you have seen many 3D printed products. But have you tasted 3D printed pancakes and chocolates?  

3D printed models, 3D printed house, 3D printed organs... Nowadays sees a large number of 3D printing applications in various fields. Many people may have already seen one or two 3D printed products somewhere. But, have you taste 3D printed pancakes and chocolates?  

3D printing technology has made pancakes with complicated patterns easier. It only takes ordinary pancake recipes like eggs, milk, cake mix, sugar to make a 3D pancake. How to create the pattern? Just upload the picture in the computer and leave it to the 3D printing machine.



Want to see it with your own eyes? Come to China Food & Culture Festival at Jichuan Square in Daojiao Town, Dongguan during June 6 to 11.

Besides the 3D printed pancakes, the creative food booth also showcases 3D printed chocolates. One can not only see how these creative foods produced but also have a taste of it.


Venue: Jichuan Square

Time: Jun 6 - Jun 11

Address: Tiyu Road, Daojiao Town, Dongguan, Guangdong (东莞市道滘镇济川广场)


Editor: Yishan

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