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Food map for Daojiao water town

2016-May-26       Source: Newsgd.com

The interesting and easy guideline of Daojiao food and Dongguan food restaurants.

Since 2010, the Daojiao Food & Culture Festival has been a carnival for tourists and local. Zongzi, meatball, sausage, and rice noodle, local residents enjoy diverse cuisines in local restaurants in everyday life. One may see restaurants that are not huge and well furnished but filled with eaters. Rather than those modern and formal chain shops, these restaurants are considered the best places for dining.


But for non-local visitors, these restaurants are not so easy to find. The record the local food culture and let more people enjoy the essence of Daojiao food, a local artist creat a food map for Daojiao. The next time when you pass by Daojiao, ask your Chinese friend to join you and take an "adventure" in the typical Guangdong water town.







Editor: Yishan

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