Wang Yang, Zhu Xiaodan Meet with “Foreign Advisors”
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In the afternoon of November 14th, Wang Yang, Member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and Secretary-General of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Zhu Xiaodan, Deputy Secretary and Acting Governor of Guangdong Province meet with all the advisors to the 2011 International Consultative Conference on the Future Economic Development of Guangdong Province (ICCFED) at Guangzhou.

Wang and Zhu extend their warm welcome to the advisors on half of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Guangdong Provincial Government and express gratitude for their long term support to the social and economic development of Guangdong. Wang comments that the ICCFED has become a shinning business card of Guangdong during its foreign economic exchanges, incorporating the advanced ideas and innovative thinking into the development of Guangdong, promoting the cooperation between Guangdong and advisory corporations and institutions, building a platform for Guangdong to communicate with the rest of the world and ushering in a new cooperative pattern that produces win-win outcomes.

Wang also says that currently the world economic recovery is still uneven with a rather weak foundation. The negative impact of the international financial crisis is yet to fade. As the initiating province of reform and opening up in China, Guangdong has undoubtedly achieved remarkable progress. But its traditional development pattern, which heavily relies on the overconsumption of resources and low labor cost to participate in the international competition, proves unsustainable and as such requires transformation and upgrading. The development of Guangdong is a microcosm to that of China. The transformation and upgrading of Guangdong’s economy can create a vast new market that can promote the economic growth of Guangdong and make contribution to the development of international economy. All of the advisors to the ICCFED are leaders of global business community or academic elites. They are also the major participants of the economic globalization who have seen many times of global economic transformation and industrial restructuring and have profound insights into the trend of global industrial development and a lot of successful experience in industrial upgrading and the enhancement of competitive edge. The theme of this session of ICCFED, which is Creating New Advantages for Guangdong’s Economic Development by Accelerating Industrial Transformation and Upgrading, reflects the intention of Guangdong to draw upon the wisdom and experience of advisors to help Guangdong avoid the detours and commit fewer mistakes during its transformation and upgrading.

On behalf of all advisors, Mr. Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman of BP, expresses that it is a great privilege to be an advisor. He congratulates on the fast development of Guangdong over the recent years. He also speaks highly of the outstanding work done by Acting Governor Zhu and briefly summarizes the suggestions advisors put forward to Guangdong economic transformation and upgrading. He says that Guangdong has been very serious about the advices and has provided a feedback to the advisors on the digestion and implementation of their advices proposed at the previous ICCFED, which is exactly the kind of interaction desired by the advisors.

Wang says that the Provincial Government will conscientiously study the insightful suggestions of foreign advisors and actively develop producer service industries in order to improve the competitiveness of traditional manufacturing industry and enhance the cooperation with other countries in such areas as advanced manufacturing, new energy, energy saving and environment protection, innovation, etc. he emphasizes that it is imperative to cultivate an innovation culture and improve the innovation institution so as to provide a more powerful support to the transformation and upgrading of Guangdong’s economy.

Xiao Zhiheng, Member of the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice-Governor of Guangdong Province, Vice-Governor Lei Yulan, Songhai, Lin Musheng, Liu Kun, Zhao Yufang and Chen Yunxian as well as Li Rongen, Member of Provincial Party Committee attend the meeting.

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