The way into the Canton Fair
2012-October-18 Source: CCTV website
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The Canton fair has long been a platform for Chinese exporters to demonstrate their products and services to buyers around the world. And the reason for its success lies in the strict selection of the exhibitors.

If you are running a fledging company in China aimed at exporting, the Canton Fair is the best doorway to the international market. It is a place for new companies to make their show, and for new clients to find what they need. And before that, the companies need to pass another test.

Reporter: “Around 25000 companies are here trying to catch the eyes of potential customers. But initially, about twice that number applied for a place. Only those that meet the standards can gain access.”

And this standard is more or less determined by the customers.

Buyer from Canton Fair said, “The production rate need to be consistent, and there should be some innovations.”

Buyer from Canton Fair said, “I think the most important thing is always price, and quality. Price is always a consistent part of quality.”

Buyer from Canton Fair said, “The quality of the products he produces, actually, this is the most important, so that the markets we sell in, which is in Italy, will be happy with the product.”

Buyer from Canton Fair said, “Ah, reliability, generally trustworthy.”

Buyer from Canton Fair said, “Trustworthy, that I can trust my partner.”

Whether or not an applicant will get the green light -- it is all decided here.

Liu Jianjun, spokesperson for Deputy General Director of Canton Fair, said, “Here the companies are not judged by their brand name. We check their business qualifications, search for any pending business dispute in the past, and whether any complaint or infringement lawsuit has been filed against them.”

And some bonuses will also be given to environmental friendly companies and innovative technologies.

Liu Lianghua, general manager of Changzhou Nesl Solartech, said, “We chose to be here because the buyers here know they can find reliable and quality suppliers here, otherwise many companies could not compete in the market and will be dragged into an endless price war.”

The best place to the highest bidder -- that is not the case here. These standards help create healthy competition for the exporters, and ensure the quality and good reputation of the exhibition, so that small companies with big ideas can thrive and grow.

Editor: Jecey
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