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Guangdong LED industry set for bigger boost
2011-June-2 Source: Newsgd.com
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Light emitting diodes are being promoted as longer lasting, m-ore energy-efficient, cost-comp-etitive and more environment-ally friendly than traditional lighting products.

Guangdong's LED research and prod-uction began just 20 years ago, last year, over half of the world’s LED products were produced or packed in the pro-vince. The industry in the province cont-ributed 31 billion RMB last year to the national economy. Guangdong is exc-ited to see its local LED industry rising to international influence in LED packing and application.

While local LED industry has a com-plete industrial chain, most of these ent-erprises are in the industry's mid and down streams. Three core bottlenecks are still holding back the local industry's development including chip efficiency, heat balance and phosphor powder durability.

LED was formerly used as lighting in professional machines. Decades ago, in-dustries started to develop new LED products for landscape lighting, special lighting, back lights, commercial light-ing, street lighting and home lighting.

LED illumination now takes up about 19 percent of the globe's power cons-umption and can decrease lighting po-wer consumption by 40 percent and dioxide emission by 555 millions of tons annually. "The [LED] bulb may light up a new industry with an annual output of trillions of RMB in the future," said Wang Dianfu, director of Shenzhen LED Industry Union.

LED, together with new electronics and information and electric vehicles were listed as three rising strategic industries in Guangdong in 2009.

To develop LED industry, Guangdong is now taking three measures:

1.As international LED industry leaders are speeding up their research and pat-ent registrations, Guangdong is now making an effort to catch up in setting an industry standard.

On July 1, 2009, Guangdong imp-lemented the "Provincial LED Street Lamp Standard", which gave local LED enterprises clear guidelines in product quality, market trends and technical innovation. A project with 100,000 LED street lamps will be launched as a large field test for local LED products.

2.Local governments and companies are investing big into core technology. Guangdong LED Industry Union, com-prising over 40 local LED companies, was launched last year to be the communication channel between the industry and local government.

3.Guangdong introduces Energy Man-agement Contract for new bulb comp-anies. Guangdong Green Industry Inv-estment Fund was unveiled last year with a primary capital investment worth 5 billion RMB. (by Wing)

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