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Guangdong’s Single Industry Towns
2011-May-30 Source: Newsgd.com
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Guangdong officials met in January to plan measures on accelerating the growth of single industry towns throughout the province.

Over the past 20 years, many towns in Guangdong have concentrated on developing themselves into a single industry area. By the end of 2010, Guangdong contained 309 single industry towns, with a GDP exceeding 1.2 trillion RMB, accounting for 28 percent of the provincial total.

Provincial officials plan to aid these towns in the areas of development planning, industrial transformation, research and development, intellectual property rights, cross-town cooperation and urbanization.

New development modes are already taking place in many of these towns. At present, about 80 percent of Foshan’s Lecong town has local enterprises selling their plastic goods, furniture and other products through professional e-business platforms.

In Xiaolan town of Zhongshan, many enterprises launched innovation service platforms as early as 2000. Now platforms with over 500 professionals are providing services to 6,284 enterprises.

The local governments also stressed on protecting intellectual property rights and bettering the branding strategy. Local governments assisted the enterprises on trademark registration, geographical indication and industry promotion. Four towns in Zhongshan have already co-established a hardware and household electrical appliances industrial district.

Many of these towns have seen continuous improvement in their roads, railways, ports and other infrastructure. The rebuilding of old communities and old factories as well as the modern industry system establishment has enhanced the single industry towns’ development sustainability.

Single Industry Town Strength Comparison

GDP: Year 2010: 1.2 trillion RMB

Achievements: A total of 309 single industry towns, among which 130 towns yielded a GDP of 2 billion RMB each. More than 60,000 enterprises in these towns created 5 million jobs. In some cities, the single industry towns’ output was more than 50 percent of the city’s total.

GDP: Year 2015: (targets) 2.5 trillion RMB

Achievements: By 2015, 80 innovation-driven single industry towns will be established with over 10 single industry towns that each can produce 100 billion RMB per year. About 150 towns will produce 10 billion RMB per year. Public innovation and service systems will be established. Competitiveness and R&D strength will be enhanced.

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