Guangdong Party Standing Committee members meet netizens online
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Members of Standing Committee of the 11th Guangdong Provincial Party Committee met the netizens online this morning.

Wang Yang, Guangdong Party secretary said the netizens’ words reflect problems in the process of the province’s transformation, such as urban and rural development issues, regional gap and problems in migrate workers, education, environment, lands and corruptions, which the Party committee are aware of and have taken efforts to solve these problems.

Guangdong has over 63 million netizens. Wang hoped the netizens can work together with the authorities to in the happy Guangdong campaign, and nurture a healthy online community to support the progress of the whole society.


Netizen: After years of reform and opening up, why are the eastern, western and northern parts of Guangdong still poor?

Wang Yang, Guangdong Party Secretary:

To narrow the gap between eastern, western, northern Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta, is a prominent task in this year’s party congress. To coordinate the regional development is one of our major tasks in Guangdong’s upgrade and transformation.

Five measures were put forward in the work report to coordinate the regional development: providing same-level basic public services to all regions; further enhance the modern urbanization process in Pearl River Delta to drive the development of the eastern, western and northern Guangdong; support talent nurtures in the eastern, western and northern Guangdong; increase investment in infrastructure in underdeveloped areas; emphasis on the development of county economy and poverty alleviation.

I believe after five or ten years, the gap will be gradually narrowed, what was happened in the past five years.


Netizen: What is the current economic situation of Guangdong?

Zhu Xiaodan, Governor of Guangdong Province:

We have anticipated the pressure on economic development in the first half year. According to the Q1 economic statistics, Guangdong saw declines in major economic indices such as GDP, industrial added value, foreign trade, retail sales for social consumer goods and fixed assets investment. The economic downturn is a direct result of global economic downturn and the shrinking external demand, and the province’s industry transformation slows down the growth as well.

Small and middle sized enterprise is facing a tuff situation which is no better than in 2008 global financial crisis. According to this situation, Guangdong has released a total of 56 measures to support the SMEs and put forward favorable financial service policies.

The government of Guangdong will take use of the markets forced mechanism and continue focusing on the transform of economic development mode, to make a healthy and sustainable development.

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