[Consumption] Guangdong commodity retail sales exceeded 2 trillion RMB in 2011
2012-May-9 Source: Newsgd.com
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Guangdong's 2011 commodity retail sales totaled 2.02 trillion RMB, with a year on year increase of 16.3 percent. Monthly retail sales in December grew 16.4 percent year on year to reach 184.60 billion RMB.

Commodity retail sales grew 16 percent for 10 months, except for January and March. The May Day holiday pushed retail sales up to 167.38 billion RMB in May. In the second half of the year commodity retail sales went up month by month to reach 183.41 billion RMB by October due to the National Day holiday. December booked an annual record retail sales growth of 184.6 billion RMB, because of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Urban market retail sales booked a year on year increase of 16.4 percent to 1.73 trillion RMB, only 0.1 percent higher than the provincial average. However, urban areas took up 85.7 percent of the province's total commodity retail sales. Rural markets' accumulated retail sales jumped 15.4 percent year on year to 289.78 billion RMB.

Office supplies sales surged 44.4 percent, jewelry sales grew 33.9 percent and petroleum and oil products sales rose 31.6 percent. Garments, shoes and caps as well as textiles garnered an accumulated sales increase of 23.9 percent. Daily necessities items went up 21.1 percent. Food, beverage, tobacco and wine retail sales grew 20.2 percent. Cars and household appliances sales dipped to 18.0 and 19.2 percent from 18.3 percent and 12.6 percent respectively.

Eastern Guangdong led the province in retail sales with a surge of 18.7 percent or 2.4 higher than provincial average to 216.72 billion RMB. The Pearl River Delta saw retail sales jump 15.7 percent to 1.46 trillion RMB, accounting for over 70 percent of the provincial total. West and north Guangdong retail sales grew 17.7 percent and 16.0 percent to 201.35 billion RMB and 149.05 billion RMB respectively.

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