[Polls] Shenzhen and Guangzhou really have high living cost?
2015-March-24 Source: Newsgd.com
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●Case 1

Huang Wei (government official in Guangzhou)

“If I did not buy the apartment last year, I would feel alright.”

“If I did not buy the apartment last year, I would feel alright.” said Huang Wei, a government official in Guangzhou with about 6000 yuan a month. Last November, he bought a second-hand apartment in Jinshazhou, the suburban area in the west of Guangzhou and to the east of Foshan, with the price of 18 thousand yuan per square meters.

Huang’s office was near Beijing Road of Yuexiu District, it took Huang at least 45 minutes to the office every morning by metro. “Weekend? I would rather stay at home in Jinshazhou! It’s too far away from the city center!” Huang said querulously.

Huang confessed that he would not decide to buy a house in Jinshazhou if he had any other choice. “The housing price in the city center is too high for me, and I could only afford the house in suburban area. My savings were too limited for the minimum down payment, and I have to ask for my parents.”

●Case 2

Lu Huan (foreign company officer in Shenzhen)

Cut the spending and change the job for her to-born baby

So is the similar situation with Lu Huan and her husband in Shenzhen. Lu worked in a foreign company with a monthly salary of over 12000 yuan, and her husband earned more as an architect. Last year they decided to have a baby. Since then they found that in order to raising their baby easily they had to cut some spendings.

First they had to cut the rent which could save 4000 yuan a month. Lu’s house is in Shekou, south of Shenzhen, while she works in Longhua New District, north of Shenzhen. It takes more than 1.5 hours from her home to the office by car. Therefore she had to rent an apartment near her office and live there in weekdays with her husband who also worked near her office. In weekends they went back to their home in Shekou.

Lu even think about abandoning her current job and looking for another job near Shekou after her baby is born. “I like my job, but my baby is more important, and I have to make perfect preparation for her!”

●Case 3

Yuan Tian (accountant in Shenzhen)

no further worries and enjoy a single happy life

But life was not so tough last year for Yuan Tian, an accountant in Shenzhen. She has lived with parents since she graduated and went back from UK 5 years ago. She had no plan for marriage or children at present, and has brought a tiny apartment 3 years ago. Her annual salary was around 200 thousand yuan last year. Besides salary, she earned a lot from stocks and mutual funds last year, which were even more than her annual salary. Thus, she did not need to worry about her life.

Her largest spending last year was a trip to Turkey on October with friends, which took her for more than 30 thousand yuan including a D&G handbag bought in Hong Kong when she waited for her plane to Istanbul.

“Thanks to my dad! He pushed me to buy the apartment 3 years ago when the housing price was not so high. If I bought an apartment last year, my living cost must be very high and I would never enjoy my life so happy.” Yuan said.

(By Nan)


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