Dalingshan Forest Park has cleanest air in Dongguan
2012-August-17 Source: www.dgtoday.com.cn
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Dalingshan Forest Park

According to the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Forestry Dalingshan Forest Park has the cleanest air. The Bureau recently conducted an ecological benefit monitoring of the city's six forest parks for the second quarter of 2012. Data such as the anion concentration in air, ambient noise, air temperature, humidity, wind speed, UV radiation, and dust were measured in 38 monitoring spots.

The statistics show that the anion count in the six forest parks ranged between 1,722 per cubic centimetre to 12,601 per cubic centimetre with an average of 5,068 per cubic centimetre. This is significantly different to Dongguan's CBD, with results often ten times better, and up to a factor of hundreds of times better.

According to the figures, the air anion concentrations in Biyou Valley of Dalingshan Forest Park lead the chart, with a count of 12,601 per cubic centimetre. The peak of Yinping Mountain in Yinping Mountain Forest Park ranked second with anion concentrations of 9,865 per cubic centimetre.

The air anion concentration counts in other scenic spots also measured above 1,000 per cubic centimetre, which just about met the "beneficial to health" standard set by The World Health Organization. Ambient noise ranged between 40.6dB and 72.5dB with an average of 53.1dB, which is equivalent to restaurant background chatter.

Authorities from the Municipal Bureau of Forestry explained that the statistics naturally fluctuate, with air anion concentrations a measure of anion per unit volume. In general, air anion concentrations will be higher in places where there is more steam, higher humidity or thicker woods. So, Dalingshan Forest Park and Yinping Mountain Forest Park frequently top the list, indicating superior air quality compared to surrounding areas. In fact, Yinping Mountain Forest Park topped air anion concentrations in the past two years.

Anion is a component of air, which has functions such as bactericidal, dust-settling, and improving the body’s immunity. It is commonly referenced as "the vitamin in the air".


Six forest parks in Donguan

1. Cleanest air: Biyou Valley of Dalingshan Forest Park. Air anion concentrations at 12,601 per cubic centimetre

2. Most secluded: Yincui Lake of Tongsha Ecological Park. Ambient noise 41.2dB

3. Coolest: "Shier Pai" in the Qingxi Area of Yinping Mountain Forest Park. Temperatures at 24.8℃

Top air-anion concentrations

2008 The Shuilian Waterfall section of Shuilian Mountain Forest Park

2009 Biyou Valley of Dalingshan Forest Park

2010 Yinping Mountain Forest Park

2011 Yinping Mountain Forest Park

2012 Dalingshan Forest Park

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