Six ecological landscape forest belts for Dongguan by 2017
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A recently released document entitled "The Construction Development Plan of Dongguan's Ecological Landscape Forest Belt" gave outlines for the construction of six forest belts in Dongguan by 2017. In total, the belts will span 247.38km.

The six ecological landscape forest belts are the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway (No.1), Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverline Expressway (No.2), Chaozhou-Dongguan Expressway (No.11), Beijing-Kowloon Railway (No.17), a protected forest along the eastern coast (No.18), and Dongguan's section of the water conservation forest along Dongjiang River (No.20). Presently, construction works for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and Dongguan’s section of the water conservation forest along Dongjiang River (No.20) have been started. Forestation of these areas is expected to be completed in April. The remaining four forest belts remain as yet in planning and design stages.

It is expected that between 2012 and 2014, the construction of key road sections for all forest belts will be completed. During this period, certain areas of the Dongguan coast, Dongjiang River and expressways will begin to bear visible forestation. By 2017, construction of all six forest belts will be completed. The project aims to have made a considerable improvement to ecological conditions in these areas by 2020.

The plan outlined construction of the ecological landscape forest belts based on the pre-existing landscape. Construction will adhere to the principles of ecological environmental protection and wildlife conservation, with special attention paid to the protection of valuable forest lands and characteristic rural waterways. In this manner, construction should result in an ecological corridor that blends the harmonious co-existence of man and nature. Outstanding specimens of local fauna species will be chosen to complement the forestry, and to form a stable display of Dongguan City’s ecological civilization.

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