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Guangzhou Crocodile Park officially renamed “Chimelong Birds Park”

2016-July-5       Source: Newsgd.com

On July 1, Chimelong Group announced that Guangzhou Crocodile Park was officially renamed “Chimelong Birds Park”.


Breeders feed the pelicans in Chimelong Birds Park on July 1, 2016. [Photo: Xinhua/Liu Dawei]

On July 1, Chimelong Group announced that Guangzhou Crocodile Park was officially renamed “Chimelong Birds Park”.

The country’s largest wetland ecosystem

Opened in 2004, Chimelong Birds Park is yet another mega theme park built by Chimelong Group. Spanning several thousand acres, the park is home to a variety of rare birds. The aim is to create a natural wetland ecosystem. It is the largest wetland ecological park in the country.

Top four features of the Birds Park

1. The wetland park has the most number of shows and the largest number of show times. Shows include The Thrilling Alligator, The Wetland Spirits, The Waterfowl, Flying Display, Animal Carnival, Reptile Interaction and Piggy Diving.

2. The park that features the largest number of wetland animal species and the park where visitors can get closest to the animals. There are more than ten wetland birds including red-crowned cranes, white-naped cranes, lady cranes, black-necked cranes, oriental white stork, great egret, little egret and common spoonbills.

3. The largest number and the most complete collection of reptile species on display in China.

4. Also the theme park with the largest crocodile population in China.

A leisure countryside wetland park

Built as a countryside park within the city of Panyu; yet it feels as if you are far from the hustle and bustle of a city when you are inside the Birds Park. The park is the choice holiday leisure venue for city dwellers. Conveniently located, it can be accessed via subway, shuttle bus or car.

Birds chirp and flowers bloom in this park throughout the four seasons; it is a haven for wildlife. The park features a variety of wetland plants that present different scenic views at different seasons. The abundance of floral species and the unique wetland climate make the park a perfect place to quell the summer heat, away from the urban heat island effect of a city.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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