[Week 21, 2015] Mr. and Mrs. Nabeel: Love Abides in Guangdong
2015-May-29 Source: Newsgd.com
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For Pakistani couple Mr. and Mrs. Nabeel, love is a lifelong relationship that requires commitment regardless of the situation.

The couple is studying at the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Master Program in South China University of Technology (SCUT). "Actually we were both lecturers in university before we came to China. In Pakistan, you can become a lecturer even when you are a bachelor. But without a PhD, we cannot have a decent job in a long term. So we need to progress. That is the intension why we go abroad," said Mr. Nabeel.

Nabeel came to China for his master's degree one year ahead of his wife, Mariyam Nabeel.

"I got Chinese government scholarship in 2013. Then I thought that why not my wife also get the same scholarship? So she also applied. Thank god she also got approved, just one year later," said Nabeel.

Chinese government scholarships are offered to international students to conduct research at Chinese universities in order to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between China and other countries.

"For us, tuition and accommodations are covered. We also get 3,000 RMB allowance per month for each person. It is very convenient for us. With the money the Chinese government gave us, our daily expenses could be easily covered," said Nabeel who is happy to be studying at South China University of Technology.

"SCUT is a very developed university. We are proud to choose it," said Nabeel. "Teachers are considerate, kind, cooperative and helpful. And Chinese students are very hard-working," added his wife Mariyam.

The couple plans to continue their academic career in China for the next few years. Mr. Nabeel wil be going to HK for his PhD program in August while Mrs. Nabeel will finish her second year of the master's program in Canton.

Married life at a university has its advantages, according to Nabeel.

"We buy things and cook together. The ingredients we need are easy to get in Canton," says Mr. Nabeel, who added that despite a busy study schedule, the couple still have time to enjoy romantic dinners together.

"We don't think that romance is just for a few years. It is a life-long thing. For example, when we eat, I put food to her mouth and she also does the same to me. It is a small but warm and romantic gesture," said Mr. Nabeel.

The couple are both interested in Chinese culture especially Chinese tea and medicine.

"We go to south campus every week for inter-cultural communication class," said Mrs. Nabeel, "There I have chances to meet Chinese students and to learn more about Chinese culture."

The couple also manages to find time to explore South China. "Several days ago, we went to Baishui Zhai by ourselves. We saw the article from GDToday. My wife thought it looked interesting and amazing so we planned to go there," said Mr. Nabeel.

"I like Guangdong a lot because is so developed. There are so many things that we do not see in our country. In Pakistan, there are not so many tall buildings," said Mrs. Nabeel who also enjoys the local landscape. "Another thing I like is that this place is very green."

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