[Week 20, 2015] Kang Youwei's Great-Granddaughter Amazes Audiences in Sudirman Cup
2015-May-22 Source: Newsgd.com
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Gronya Someerville, a beautiful Australian girl with an oriental face stole Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei, the most two famous players' thunder in the 2015 Sudirman Cup, which kicked off on May 10 in Dongguan, Guangdong.

As one of the players of Australian national team, Someerville attracted many audiences and media attention, not only because of her beautiful face, but also because of her great-grandfather, Kang Youwei, the famous political scholar and reformer in the late Qing Dynasty.

This year marks the fifth time Someerville competed in China and her first in Guangdong. Someerville had her Chinese debut in 2012 in Wuhan, Hubei Province for taking part in Uber and Thomas Cup, famous men and women team championship held by World Badminton Federation (WBF).

"She really has the talent for playing badminton. I think her talent is from her Chinese genes," said Watson, the coach who has taught Someerville. "She even did not know how to serve a ball in the beginning but she made big progress after training," said Watson.

The Sudirman Cup divided teams into three classes and only first-class teams can fight for the championship but Australia is in the third class now. Gronya hopes that she can help Australia to advance to the second class of the Sudirman Cup.

As the future star of Australian badminton, Someerville said that she wants to appear on the field of the Rio Olympics Games in 2016.

Who is Kang Youwei?

Kang Youwei was born on March 19, 1858 in Nanhai, Guangdong (now the Nanhai District of Foshan City). He was a Chinese scholar and prominent political thinker and reformer of the late Qing Dynasty.

Kang and his noted student, Liang Qichao, were important participants in a campaign to modernize China, now known as the Hundred Days' Reform to establish a constitutional monarchy. The reform introduced radical change into the Chinese government.

Kang Youwei established Wan Mu Cao Tang for promoting his concept in 1891 in Zhongshan Fourth Road, Guangzhou.

In 2004, the Guangzhou government funded decorating and transforming Wan Mu Cao Tang to the Museum of Yuexiu District.

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