[Week 20, 2015]Hot Mom Esther Haubensack: Ten-year Happy Life in Guangzhou
2015-May-22 Source: Newsgd.com
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"If you stay still for two days, you can obviously feel that you are not as strong as you used to be. Although you can't do heavy work or lift heavy things, you can push a pram and walk around the neighborhood for several minutes to keep you staying energetic," said Haubensack.

It is widely acknowledged that exclusive breastfeeding usually lasts for about six months in China. After that, babies will be fed with complementary food. According to Esther, exclusive breastfeeding in Germany lasts for about a year in general. But surprisingly, Esther insists that breast feeding should last for two years.

However, Esther also fed her children with ordinary fresh milk. She and her husband also bought milk powder for the children only they never bothered about where to buy or what to buy. Instead, they just bought the ordinary brands in Guangzhou.

When it comes to raising children, Haubensack insists that parents should look after their children instead of hiring babysitters to do so, because in this way, they can teach their children by personal example as well as verbal instruction through what happens in daily life. Haubensack also believes that children should learn from consequences and experience real life.

"For example, if the water in a glass is very hot, but he can't wait to drink it, I would let him touch the glass lightly to feel how hot the water is," said Haubensack.

Haubensack admires how Chinese parents take care of their children with the help of grandparents. "Generally speaking, grandparents are more patient and willing to play with children and they really cherish the time spent with their grandchildren. As a result, children get along well with the elderly, and parents can be less stressed," said Haubensack.

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