[Week 20, 2015]Hot Mom Esther Haubensack: Ten-year Happy Life in Guangzhou
2015-May-22 Source: Newsgd.com
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Esther Haubensack is from the Free State of Bavaria, Germany, graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with a Master's Degree of Sinology, and studied Chinese in Peking University for one and a half years with a full scholarship.

Haubensack learned crosstalk from the famous crosstalk artist Ding Guangquan as well as comedy sketch and hosting. Starting from 2000, Haubensack portrayed "Diana" the wife of the fourth son of the Kangs in the most popular sitcom in Guangdong Daughter in Law, more than 2,700 episodes of which have been broadcast. Haubensack has also been living in Guangzhou for ten years.

Haubensack has two sons, the older son Wang Chen and younger son Wang Han, both of whom were born in Guangzhou. In Guangdong, postpartum women normally take a month-long confinement, which is called "zuo yue zi" in Chinese. When in Canton, do as the Cantonese do. So Esther also enjoyed a period of confinement after her childbirth, but her confinement period lasted for three months instead of one.

"I strongly suggest ‘zuo yue zi', and I needed three months or I would have freaked out," said Haubensack who learned a few tips from locals on how to help herself live out the confinement.

"I learned how to boil ginger water. Cut the ginger into slices, cook ginger with water until boiling, and then wait for it to cool off. Use the cool ginger water to wash your hair or wipe your body. After that, you will feel really great," admits Haubensack.

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