Planning for two key areas in Guangzhou-Foshan
2009-September-8 Source:
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New progress has been made in the planning for the jurisdictions shared by Guangzhou and Foshan. Following the proposal put forward early this year for the construction of 5 priority areas for the twin cities, planning for the New Train Terminal and Fangcun-Guicheng areas are the first to have been completed so far.

The New Train Terminal Area will be connected with Foshan City via the Guangzhou-Foshan Metro under construction and the Foshan Metro Line 2 on the drawing board.

The Fangcun-Guicheng Area will be positioned as the demonstration area for the twin cities of Guangzhou and Foshan as well as the pilot area for Pearl River Delta urban integration. The administrative borderline will be weakened. All these moves are intended to build what are now two cities into a brand new waterfronted, residential eco-city with Lingnan features.

Fangcun-Guicheng Area

In future, the area will be linked up with four railway or subway lines, namely, the Guangzhou-Foshan Metro under construction, the planned Guangzhou-Foshan Passage 3 (i.e., Guangzhou Line 5-Foshan Line 5), Guangzhou-Foshan Passage 4 (Guangzhou Line 11-Foshan Line 6), and Guangzhou-Foshan Passage 7 (Guangzhou Line 20-Suiyan Lu). The plan also specifies the linkup of 11 roads.

New Train Terminal Area

It will be connected by two Guangzhou-Zhuhai and Guangzhou-Foshan inter-city rail transit lines and four city rail lines (Guangzhou Line 2, Line 7, Line 19 and Foshan Line 2). Among them, the Guangzhou-Foshan rail transit line under construction and the Foshan Line 2 in the pipeline will be the connection cord between Guangzhou and Foshan.

(Translated by Guangzhou Association of Foreign Affairs Translators)

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