Ruins of the early Old Stone Age discovered in Guangdong
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Over 60 relics, 200 stoneware specimens of the early Old Stone Age had been found out in Yunan County of Luoding, Guangdong earlier this year, reported by Nanfang Daily.

According to expert’s analysis, the discovery means that Guangdong might have human activities about 100,000 years ago.

“This is the province’s first finding of ruins from early Old Stone Age and it is also the most ancient cultural remains discovered in Guangdong by now”, said Deng Hongwen, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Institute of Archaeology.

The joint archaeological survey team is composed of staffs from Guangdong provincial Institute of Archaeology, Yunfu City Museum, Museum of Yunan County and other related organizations.

From the end of 2012, the survey team began their research in Nanjiang basin, northwest Guangdong. The finding by the joint survey team was confirmed by experts from Peking University, Hunan, Guangxi and so on. The stone implements are mainly found on banks along middle region of Nanjiang basin, throughout a wide area over 20km2. Hekou Town and Dawan Town of Ynnan County are the two places where these ancient ruins were found.

It is generally believed that Mapa Man, about 130,000 years from now, is the earliest resident in Guangdong area. “The Nanjiang Ruins was as old as the Peking Man. The discovery in Nanjiang means that Guangdong may have a long history before Mapa Man”, Liu Suoqiang, the executive leader of the program introduced.

The archaeological program is at the final stage now. Experts will verify the specific age of the stone implements, have research on the ancient human activities, and launch protection and utilization of the ruins, etc.

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