Man forged identity to extort 2.8 million yuan
2014-June-16 Source: Szdaily web edition
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A man was arrested by Shenzhen police for extorting 2.8 million yuan (US$448,280) by using a fake identity with a correspondent station in Shenzhen, the Daily Sunshine reported.

The man, surnamed Diao, forged a business card claiming he was editor-in-chief of a weekly Shenzhen magazine run by People’s Daily’s overseas edition, and claimed to have close ties with many government officials.

In May 2012, he met the leader of a villagers’ corporate company, surnamed Feng, in Longhua New Area. Diao’s fake identity immediately won him good credit with Feng, whose company was in cooperation with another company to develop a patch of land in Longhua. Feng asked Diao for assistance in the land development project and gave him related documents, including materials related to a land dispute.

Diao then fabricated a negative report about the project and published it on a phony website run by his accomplice, surnamed Su. With the help of Su, the report was later reprinted on two government websites.

After doing that, Diao contacted Feng to notify him of the article and suggested that, for 800,000 yuan, Diao could remove it from the website using his connections.

Feng later realized that the report was actually penned by Diao himself, but paid the extortion money anyway, since his company’s project was under government scrutiny for approval.

On June 21, 2012, Diao gave 10 percent of the money he had received from Feng to Su, who then had the report erased from the website.

In July 2012, Diao produced a second story, this time accusing the companies of embezzling villagers’ land, and sent it to Su for publication. He then played his same old trick again with the two companies.

However, his words didn’t get much attention from the two company’s leaders, who were by then well aware of his scheme.

Two months later, Diao had the article published online. Meanwhile, he forged a complaint from villagers who had stakes in the company and asked a man, also surnamed Feng, to lead other villagers to launch a petition.

Diao then reminded the two companies of the petition and said he could calm it down, but this time he added that he wanted 10 percent of the shares of the land development project.

Concerned that the report and petition letter could affect the project’s approval, the two companies eventually agreed in October to give 10-percent shares of the land development project to Diao and Feng.

Later that month, Diao asked for the contract to be honored and demanded another payment, this time of 2 million yuan, threatening to snowball the incident.

Worried that Diao might hamper the project’s approval, the two companies paid him the money.

Yet even this did not ease Diao’s insatiable greed, and he continued to ask for the 10-percent share, which would have netted him tens of millions of yuan, to be honored.

By April 14 this year, the companies were so fed up with the situation that they finally reported the case to police in Longhua.

Diao was arrested by police May 7 and his arrest was issued the next day by Bao’an District People’s Procuratorate.

Editor: 王凯
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