Foshan porcelain to woo the Polish
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Mr. Edmund Stachowicz, the president of Starogard Gdanski city

On June 10, 2014, the formal sistership city agreement was finally established between Foshan, Guangdong Province and Starogard Gdanski in Poland. Mr. Edmund Stachowicz, the president of Starogard Gdanski city, talked about the past and future cooperations between two cities. 

 (Pieces of Foshan porcelain)

Q : When did you start the tie with Foshan? And who proposed to start it?

A: The tie between two cities was established five years ago. First of all, we have several companies doing successful business with Chinese partners. And during these five years, we have Foshan delegation visited here four or five times. Our cooperation is based on business relationships. Some companies also participate the present visit.

It was my second visit to Foshan, and I am impressed about how Foshan developed last twenty years. And definitely, we hope to bring more Chinese investments to Portland.

Q: Just now you mention delegation, so could you give some specific examples of bilateral cooperation so far?

A: One of a successful example is the cooperation with EGA Company. EGA is one of the largest distribution centers for hand tools in Poland. Most of products distributed by EMA are imported from China. The contract with EGA is by far the largest one. I also want to thank the Chinese consulate for bringing this successful business cooperation.

Tomorrow(on Jun.11) we are going to Foshan to discuss affairs like exhibitions, sports events and high school educational exchanges. We know that Foshan is the motherland of Chinese porcelain. We will likely to host porcelain exhibition in our city next year. And it will be the first porcelain exhibition in our city. We have exchanged ideas with officials, and we will work together to plan them and make them happen.

Q: How many Polish people do you think would like the porcelain exhibition?

A: It is hard to predict the number. But I have to say that our city has very active art gallery. Each year they organize at least two top level exhibitions which not only impact the city, but also attract the whole region. So, I believe the exhibition of Chinese porcelain would become a big cultural event for the whole region.


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