Long-range plans made for Zhuhai Airport
2014-June-12 Source: Zhuhai Government website
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The Zhuhai Airport Overall Plan has just been approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and Guangdong provincial government. A second runway, which is 2,600m long and 45m wide, and the 327,000sqm T2 airport terminal are covered in the long-term blueprint for 30-year development.

Positioned as a trunk route, Zhuhai Airport will handle 13 million passengers, 160,000 tonnes of freight and 120,000 take-offs and landings annually with land use of 710.7 hectares by 2015. Moreover, the airport will handle 28 million passengers, 600,000 tonnes of freight and mails and 240,000 take-offs and landings with land use of 1,245 hectares by 2045, according to the plan.

The plan sets detailed regulations for the airfield, terminal area, air traffic control system, freight area, airlines and general aviation base, fire-fighting equipment, production supplementary area, workstation area, fuel equipment, public facilities, integrated transport and more.

The existing runway is 4,000m long and 45m wide with a 4E-grade airfield. In the short term, the present taxiway will be extended, and in the long run, the second runway 365m east will be built.

With floor space of 92,000sqm, the airport terminal is located northwest of the runway. The to-be-renovated terminal, located between the runway and main approach road with floor space of 149,000sqm, will meet the need of 5,700 passengers at every peak hour in the short term. In addition, it has 45 planned aircraft stands, 23 close and 20 distant. Two are cargo aircraft stands.

In the long run, the 327,000sqm T2 airport terminal will be located north of the existing one and will meet the need of 8,700 passengers at every peak hour. Of the planned 82 aircraft stands, 46 will be near, 27 will be far and nine will be for cargo planes. Inside the airlines base, 31 parking and maintenance aprons will be built.

The existing freight area, with floor space of 2,200sqm, is southwest of the terminal. It will be expanded to have floor space of 23,000sqm and handle 160,000 tonnes of freight and mails annually in the short term. In the long run, a 65,000sqm freight area will be constructed to handle 600,000 tonnes of freight and mail annually.

The existing approach road is a provincial highway and the Airport Expressway passed the acceptance test last year. The plan calls for the intercity line from downtown areas to the airport and the intercity MRT be used, and a transport centre in front of the new terminal be built.

Zhuhai Airport has maintained leap-forward development and ranked in the domestic forefront in the growth of number of passengers over the past few years. Its passenger number exceeded 2 million in 2012 and grew by nearly 40 percent to 2.9 million last year. It aims to have over 3.7 million passengers this year, according to Hong Kong-Zhuhai Airport Management co ltd.

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