Polish Ambassador to China : Guangdong and Poland to know each other better
2014-June-11 Source: Newsgd.com
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Polish Ambassador to China(left) shared his opinion on Poland-Guangdong relation with our reporter(right) 

“I have many friends in Guangdong, not only for work, but personal friends. People in Guangdong are very business-oriented, but they also very nice.” said Mr. Tadeusz Chomicki, the Polish Ambassador to China.

The second Poland-China Regional Forum was held in Dong Fang Hotel of Guangzhou yesterday. Taking this opportunity, we had an interview with Mr. Chomicki, an old friend of Guangdong. During the interview, he opened his heart and raised many transcend idea on Guangdong’s current internationalization process.

“Guangdong’s business is mainly focus on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), on one hand, and exports, the other hand.” Chomicki said.

In recent years, Guangdong has attached great importance on attracting foreign investments, promoting created-in-Guangdong goods overseas so as to revive the business of the ancient marine silk road of China.

“We must see that Guangdong is profiling solid change. As Guangdong’s SMEs have accumulated enough money, some of them can consider opening operations in foreign countries rather than just selling goods abroad.” he suggested.

And from the logistic perspective, Guangdong has been making progress all the time. “A direct shipping line between Zhuhai and Gdynia, a famous port in Poland, is planned to be established. That would be another stimulation of foreign trade between Guangdong and Poland, or even the whole Europe Continent. ” Chomicki analyzed.

As well as China, Poland is also a country with long history and abundant cultural heritages. However, Poland is not best known in Guangdong. In fact, Poland has advanced manufacturing, wonderful landscape and high quality of luxury goods. But in much Guangdong people’s opinion, Polish goods are not famous as commodities from German, France, Italy, etc.

“It is our job to promote Polish good to China, to deliver message to Chinese, and it is the time.” Compare to Guangdong, Poland hasn’t the large amount of population and large-scale corporations. “Business is an active component for cultural exchange. As Guangdong, especially Shenzhen, has many big and global corporation. If some of these corporations are willing to support cultural projects, like sponsor some culture festival or invite some foreign artists to come here, they would easy for you to promote yourselves in Poland. But for us, it is still a long and hard work.” said Chomicki.

Chomicki believes that holding such kind of forum can help Poland become more visible in China. “It is on the right direction”, he said. “We must find more practicable cooperation on business, education or culture dimensions from provincial city level. The regional forum is a meaningful attempt”.


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