Zhanjiang to build National Eco-garden City and National Forest City
2014-June-4 Source: Newsgd.com
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On May 30, Zhanjiang released the Implementation Plan for Comprehensively Advancing the New-round Green Zhanjiang Action, proposing to preliminarily build an advanced provincial green eco-city, a national eco-garden city and a national forest city in five to ten years.

On August 25, 2013, the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and the People's Government of Guangdong Province made the Decision on Comprehensively Advancing the New-round Green Guangdong Action, proposing to achieve the overall objective of building Guangdong into No. 1 green eco-province in the country in about ten years. The new-round Green Zhanjiang Action is an integral part of the new-round Green Guangdong Action.

The plan defines the overall objective and key tasks of Green Zhanjiang Action, i.e. comprehensively implementing six key forestry eco-construction projects including the eco-landscape forest belt project, the forest carbon sink and eco-forest expansion project, the forestry entry & encircling and urban-rural green project, the forest resource conservation project, the forestry transformation and upgrading project, and the project of deepening forestry reform and technological innovation, substantially increasing Zhanjiang's ecological quality of forest, increment of forest resources, aggregate of forest eco-benefit and gross value of forestry, significantly raising the level of urban-rural afforestation, initially building a green eco-city with tropical and subtropical features, a perfect forest ecology system, developed forestry, prosperous forestry ecology culture and harmony of man and nature, and building a national eco-garden city and a national forest city.

Focusing on the overall objective, the plan also set the periodic objective of increasing Zhanjiang's forest area to 4.72 million mu, forest growing stock to 21.062 million cubic meters, forest carbon storage to 41.12 million tons, forest coverage to 29.24 percent, contribution rate of forestry technology progress to 55 percent, gross output value of forestry to 34.1 billion yuan and gross value of forest eco-benefit to 37 billion yuan.


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