[SZ] Littering, spitting fines start April 1
2014-March-24 Source: Szdaily web edition
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Shenzhen's urban management bureau said fines of 50 yuan (US$8.13) or more will be given to people who litter or spit on public streets across the city starting April 1.

Spitting or minor littering on streets will draw fines of 50 yuan. People who try to throw trash into garbage cans but miss, and don’t then pick up their trash, also will be fined 50 yuan. Fines of 1,000 yuan will be imposed on shop operators who sweep garbage out of their shops and onto sidewalks or streets, bureau representatives said.

Traffic police will charge 500-yuan fines to people who throw objects out of their vehicles.

Urban management officers, or chengguan, will take pictures or shoot video of people who litter or spit in public, and will publicize the information through media, the bureau said.

Police will help chengguan investigate the identities of people who refuse or fail to provide identity information.

People who refuse to pay a fine within a designated period will be subject to more fines. Stubborn violators will be taken to court.

The new civility law has drawn some skeptical responses from residents.

“I doubt whether there are enough law enforcers patrolling the streets to catch people who litter or spit. People can easily and quickly leave after spitting,” said a Futian District surnamed Liu. “The key to clean streets is for residents to consciously refrain from such behaviors.”

Shenzhen’s civility law took effect March 1, 2013, and imposes penalties for behaviors deemed uncivilized, such as littering and spitting in public. But police officers and chengguan encountered enforcement difficulties over the past year, because of an inability to collect verifiable proof of violations. Implementation has been successful in Dongmen Subdistrict of Luohu District, though, where heavy issuance of fines has resulted in significantly less trash on the streets.

Dongmen began fining litterers in June and the amount of trash on public streets has decreased from 6 tons a day to less than half a ton since then, local Chinese-language newspapers have reported.

Law enforcers in Dongmen have used handheld cameras and high-definition monitoring systems to take photos and video of people littering. Luohu District People’s Court ordered two Dongmen shop owners to each pay a 1,000-yuan littering fine last month.

Other behaviors deemed uncivilized by the law include failing to clean up pets’ excrement in public and damaging public sanitation facilities.

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