Agencies mulling market for locals’ IVFs in Thailand
2014-January-10 Source: Szdaily web edition
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Local maternity agencies are assessing the market for helping mainland women get in-vitro fertilizations (IVF) in Thailand, as local expectant mothers face pregnancy- and birth- related restrictions on the mainland and in Hong Kong, Yangcheng Evening News reported.

Many maternity service agencies are touting advantages such as legal genetic screening and babies’ gender selection in Thailand. Some are even providing access to surrogacy services, which are banned in China.

A seven-months-pregnant woman identified as Ah Qiao has shared her experiences with undergoing IVF in Thailand online. The 32-year-old woman has been married for seven years and went to Thailand for IVF at the suggestion of a friend after she had two miscarriages.

She preferred a baby boy and was told that it’s legal to choose a baby’s gender through IVF in Thailand.

Ah Qiao and her husband had health examinations before flying to Tailand for the IVF last year.

“My husband and I have six pairs of embryos, four of which are of top quality. I got two pairs implanted in my uterus and another two frozen in case of failure,” Ah Qiao said.

A pregnancy test showed she would have twins. She said she had spent more than 110,000 yuan (US$18,000), which included 60,000 yuan on medical care and 50,000 yuan on translation services, accommodations, nurses and commissions. The cost has been much higher than the 10,000 to 20,000 yuan average cost of IVF in China.

Ah Qiao said a growing number of Chinese couples are undergoing IVF in Tailand but not all can successfully have babies. She said a hotel at which she stayed, near the hospital, was mostly filled with Chinese couples.

Ah Qiao said she initially was very hesitant about having IVF in Thailand, but her concerns were allayed after she realized the industry chain was full of agencies offering related services, including many in Shenzhen.

An employee at Aixin International Health Care, which is based in Luohu District, said the company recently had worked with about 10 couples a month. The company’s full service package costs 140,000 yuan.

Another agency, Shenzhen Jingduobao Medical Consultancy, offers wider options in service packages at various prices. An employee surnamed Luo said their full service package costs 158,000 yuan, with clients paying 8,000 yuan in advance.

Some local agencies are also facilitating surrogacy in Thailand.

A salesperson for an agency providing surrogacy services said the option is favored by people who are too old to get pregnant, unable to conceive due to illness or other reasons, and homosexual couples.

The Jingduobao employee said a surrogate birth costs 300,000 to 350,000 yuan, including commissions, the surrogate mother’s payment and living expenses, and medical treatment during birth.

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